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OLDER PEOPLE - Moving Stories

Letting in the Light worked in partnership with inclusive dance company FRONTLINEdance on the Moving Stories project, designed to engage with isolated older people.

Each week a visual/digital practitioner and dance practitioner set up a themed space using, projections, music/sound, objects and photos to transform the room into a space such as a tea room; a ballroom; a pier end; a street, a cinema, a pub or other environment.

 The practitioners facilitated appropriate activities that generated conversations, memories and further activities around the themes each week. This lead into movement and dance activities relating to the theme. One week the participants may be stepped back in time to the glamour of the silver screen and the next they were setting the scene for a day at the beach.

Using the weekly themes the activities will combined the improvement of health, with creative dance and with social dancing. The sessions were carefully designed to ensure that everyone benefited physically, including falls preventions tasks (quickening reaction times), loosening the joints, strengthening muscles, increasing stamina, as well as socially ensuring good health and well-being.

 The participants led the pace and content of the project and the structure allowed each person to contribute as much or as little as they wished. The variety of activities and themes ensured that there was something for everyone, and the facilitators experience guaranteed not only a safe place but also activities and exercises that were suitable for all different types of needs and abilities.

The project was funded by Staffordshire Cares: Community Wellbeing fund.

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