Letting in the Light are currently working with the community of Tunstall in Stoke-on-Trent to gather 1500 wishes that will installed in a new piece of public art for the area.

Golden, an iconic 21 meter high public artwork designed by internationally renowned artist Wolfgang Buttress, will be installed in at Goldendale in 2014.  To facilitate the community ownership of Golden, Wolfgang commissioned Letting in the Light to work with members if the local community.

Golden contains 1500 glass spheres that will be internally lit each containing a 'wish'.  We have been out in the community working with people to engage them in a writing exercise to create a 10 beat line, a wish, or somethings that defines what they can imagine seeing over the horizon if they stood on top of Golden. Each wish has been written on hand-made paper, created in workshops in local schools, rolled up and permanently enclosed in one of the 1500 spheres.  All of the text from the wishes will be recorded in a book / leaflet / on-line blog to form a giant community poem.  This will ensure a permanent record is made for the community.

Tunstall North Resident's Association have worked with Letting in the Light to secure funding, from Awards For All for a community celebration that will see Golden light up.   Activities for the community, who will gather to watch the spectacle as day turns to dusk, will include an ambient response using projected wishes, a 100 strong community movement sequence, involving LED lights and a community soundscape that reflects the stunning simplicity of the sculptural form of Golden. This performance will be devised through workshops with groups and individuals from Tunstall, who will have the opportunity to work with a choreographer and sound designer.